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Hansen Screen Enclosures Inc. (Pool Screen Naples)

Offers state-of-the-art, digital design, per-installation representations of the finished product…
Measurements for your new pool screen enclosure are obtained using the most sophisticated measuring equipment in the industry today. Design is performed using computer aided design software to ensure that what you want is what you will receive.
Hansen Screen’s Enclosures not only add beauty to your home, but are engineered over and above the standard practices used in the industry today. We sleep soundly whenever the big winds blow, be it a thunderstorm or hurricane.
We build screen enclosures that are only limited by your imagination…
With Hansen Screen Enclosures Inc. you can be assured of getting the best in custom pool screen enclosures,welded railing, and ornamental metal products.  No job is too big or small and we offer our services across all of the United States.
At Hansen we continue to ask “Who says it can’t be done?”
We design, fabricate, and install the most modern, state of the art, “one-of-a-kind”, custom pool enclosures made in the world today! We readily accept and relish the challenge to design, build and install enclosures that other companies decline to even consider.
We build with the understanding that the customer is King. We offer our clients more than just a barrier against insects and debris, but provide a space adding to the grace and elegance of the home to which it is attached. Should you desire an enclosure that compliments the “home of your dreams”, then you have arrived.

Do you have an adequate Insect Screen product installed around your pool area?

The windows and doors of your home are an opportunity for insects to get into your home.  Many people have an insect screen installed on each of those windows or doors, but most screens perform very poorly.  The truth is that standard screens are simply not designed to keep insects out of your home.


The Super Screen Advantage

A standard insect screen is a 16/14 weave which contains holes large enough for many voracious blood sucking insects to enter your home and attack you on a constant basis.  Super Screen is a revolutionary insect screen product that has a 17/20 weave, which contains holes large enough to allow air flow, but does not allow insects to get into your home.

If you already have insect screens installed, now is the time to take a moment to inspect them.  What kind of condition are these screens in?  Aside from the fact that the 16/14 weave is doing very little to prevent insects from getting into your home, there may be holes in these screens or large tears.  If this is the case, you may as well remove all of these screens because they are doing you very little good.