President condemns Granger's 'narco-state' comment, opposition resort to abuse during budget debates


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Opposition ignores court ruling – Cuts sections of 2014 budget

Despite a ruling of the court which says that it has no such powers the APNU and AFC have combined to issues a series of cuts to the 2014 budget which were in line with their earlier promises. Yeste

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Sugar workers protest, lash out at APNU & AFC threats to cut GUYSUCO $6B allocation in 2014 Budget

{youtube}5arkS2dRSK4{/youtube} Hundreds of GUYSUCO workers this afternoon protested against threats by APNU and the AFC to cut the $6B budgetary allocation to the sugar industry. The workers wh

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A MUST WATCH: Dr Ashni Singh decimates PNC/APNU & AFC in response 2014 budget debate presentation


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‘Turning away’ foreign investors is an area in which Granger and his opposition colleagues remain unchallenged

Opposition leader David Granger's 2014 budget debate presentation was rife with hypocrisy, empty talk and political posturing as the APNU leader sought to lambast the government on several fron

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PPP MP Odinga Lumumba earns APNU’s ire for his exposure of racism inherent in it’s opposition to GUYSUCO subvention


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AFC jolted by exit of another high ranking member

Sasenarine 'Thunderbolt' Singh The small Alliance for Change (AFC) is currently engaged in a struggle to retain its membership and this is highlighted with the exodus of yet another high rankin

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PPP denounces ‘hypocritical’ invocation of Dr Cheddi Jagan’s name by opposition

Dr Cheddi Jagan The ruling People's Progressive Party(PPP) in a statement has strongly condemned what it said is a tendency by opposition members of Parliament to invoke the name of the party's

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Kaieteur News fomenting division within Police Force by championing cause of subversive agents Alves & Ramnarine

David Ramnarine and Lyndon Alves The PNC’s Kaieteur News is at it again with its efforts to create division and sow discontent among ranks of the Guyana Police Force in furtherance of the wi

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Racism the driving factor behind opposition’s blind support for certain allocations while opposing funds allocated for GUYSUCO

Presidential Advisor on Youth Empowerment Odinga Lumumba during his presentation in the 2014 budget debate raised a very important point which did not find favour in certain quarters. Lumumba, d

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VIDEO: Sugar workers lament opposition threats to cut GUYSUCO 2014 budget allocation


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APNU disrupts Education Minister in order to preserve relationship with rapist C.N Sharma

APNU's disruption of Education Minister Priya Manickchand's presentation yesterday is being seen as an attempt to preserve its relationship with rapist C.N Sharma. This is the view of some persons w

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Opposition called out on its support for child rapist C.N Sharma

C.N Sharma and then opposition and PNC leader, Robert Corbin The imbroglio surrounding Minister Manickchand's heckle has brought new light on what is being seen as support being offered by the

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Frustrated client once again accuses Ramjattan of conspiring with Raphael Trotman & relatives to deprive him of properties

Prakash Persaud PRAKASH PERSAUD: More than  twenty years have passed since Attorney-at-Law Ms. Sheila Chapman and the Legal Firm of Attorneys-at-Law Sheila A. Chapman, Avril A. Trotman and Raphael

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APNU/AFC poll predicts Jagdeo its most formidable opponent – PPP likely to retain majority

(Guyana Times)Former President Bharrat Jagdeo would be the most formidable candidate that the Opposition parties, A Party for National Unity (APNU) and Alliance For Change (AFC), could face in any

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Sharma Solomon & PNC/APNU’s leadership failing people of Linden

Both the PNC/APNU and its Region Ten Chairman, Sharma Solomon have been deceitful in their claims that the government has failed to implement the agreement signed in 2012 following the Linden

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AFC betrays sugar workers – Joins PNC/APNU’s attempt to put them out of work

Ramjattan and Nagamootoo profess to have interest of sugar workers at heart but support actions that could put them out of work   As earth shattering as it intended to be we're sure that the Alli

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GTUC has some accounting to do of its own before it starts pointing fingers at others

Lincoln Lewis and Norris Whitter is essentially the GTUC The GTUC- which is in fact Lincoln Lewis and Norris Whitter though it fronts a ‘creature’ in the form of Leslie Gonsalves - has some

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Police patrol on beer drinking binge

This police patrol, led by a senior officer was captured drinking beers in their uniform whilst on duty at a local beer garden.

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Colwyn Harding sexual assault eyewitness claims allegations fabricated in secret recording

{youtube}du3cq82km2s{/youtube} Stephon Joseph Phillips, otherwise known as ‘Muslim’ and ‘Wash-Meh-Ganga’ who came forward as an eyewitness in support of allegations of sexual assault ma

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Police ranks own heavily tinted vehicles which violate tint law

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 16:55 administrator
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This vehicle owned by a Policeman stationed at Sparendam Police Station is clearly in violation of the tint law

So too is this one which is owned by a junior rank and is being boarded here by a senior member of the force


Citizens complaining of being harassed daily by police ranks over vehicle tint have provided photos to support their claim that many of these ranks own vehicles which are in violation of the very tint law. Many persons whom we spoke to allege that this practice takes place throughout the country. Police ranks are said to own many vehicles which do not comply with the tint law including mini-buses which ply various public transportation routes. In order to escape scrutiny over how they might have been obtained the vehicles are bought in the name of relatives.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 April 2014 17:31 )

Amerindians protest opposition budget cuts

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 15:58 administrator
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AMERINDIANS from indigenous communities across Guyana turned out in the hundreds yesterday, braving the rain outside Public Buildings to protest the combined Opposition’s devastating $1.1B cut to the 2014 budgetary allocations to advance their development.

Amerindian Affairs Minister, Pauline Sukhai, stood in solidarity with the protestors and told the media that the protest demonstration is a clear indication of the objections and anger at the cuts.


2014 Budget In-depth: APNU/AFC cut Amerindian Development Fund & Transport Sector allocation

Monday, 14 April 2014 21:49 administrator
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Opposition disapproval of Amerindian Development Fund an attack against indigenous population

Monday, 14 April 2014 21:12 administrator
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(Guyana Times)People’s Progressive/Civic (PPP/C) General Secretary Clement Rohee on Friday said the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) have indirectly launched a vicious attack on the Amerindian population of Guyana by disapproving the $1.1 billion allocated for their development. Rohee said the move by the APNU and AFC, which used their collective one-seat majority to impose the cut, must be condemned.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 April 2014 16:55 )

APNU/AFC continues anti-development campaign - Axes development programmes from 2014 budget

Monday, 14 April 2014 21:09 administrator
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